An introduction to Pepemon
Digital collectible card game on Blockchain powered by DeFi and NFTs as in-game assets.

A new era

Get ready to tap into a vein nostalgic with Pepemon. Our team is bringing the excitement of opening booster packs back to the modern era. Enjoy collecting our NFTs and building decks for our future trading card game. The quality of our art remains our top priority as we release our Pepemons to the world. Our token, PPDEX, is how our cards are purchased. PPDEX may be purchased directly or you may purchase PPBLZ and stake these to farm PPDEX overtime.
Since Pepemon’s humble beginnings in early October, our team has already released many NFTs and strives every day to ensure our future game and its mechanics will be balanced and enjoyable to satisfy both competitive and casuals Pepetrainers. The alpha will be out soon for a selection of current NFT holders. So make sure you start staking your PPBLZ now!
Incredibly, about 80% of all PPBLZ are currently staked, showing the eagerness of our Pepetrainers to accumulate PPDEX for their future card decks.
Come join us at and take your spot as the best Pepetrainer in the world! After all, who knows how much the cards you pull will be worth in the future?
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