An introduction to Pepemon

Play and earn web3-powered card game owned by the players, since 2020. Mint or evolve your Pepemons and battle others to win epic prizes!

A gaming platform combining collectibles with gaming and blockchain tech

Get ready to bring back nostalgia with Pepemon
We promised you nostalgia. Come find us if you haven't started singing the song, we'll do a full refund.
Our DAO is bringing the excitement of playing a card game, collecting the rarest Mons and opening Booster packs to the blockchain.
Collect the NFTs, evolve them or mint new ones. Build Battle decks for Pepemon Degen Battleground and jump straight into action by joining one of the Leagues and start battling others for glory, NFTs and token prizes.
PPDEX, the tokens that you earn by depositing PPBLZ, is how the cards are purchased from the Store. The second way of getting a Pepemon card is through Opensea.
This is one is the first trailer we released for our Gen 1 collection back in 2020.

Roadmap and what's next

Releasing the game, the quality and uniqueness of our art remains our top priority.
As we monthly release Pepemon NFTs to the world through the Pepemon One subscription the DAO decided to enter a period of stagflation for the Pepemon DeFi economy where the rewards were adjusted for long term sustainability.
Given the complex nature of the project and the fact that 100% of the tokens were airdropped at start, the DAO operates with little funding, mainly from Gitcoin donations. This hasn't stopped the community to continue building, and find ways to work with top talent.
Funding is secured for releasing the web3-powered Unity game that is going to utilize Pepemon NFTs to enable players to battle on chain for prizes in NFTs and tokens.
Scheduled beta release is now set for Q4 2022.
Just a peak into the mobile game interface. The game will be available on iOS, Android and web.
Come join us on Pepemon world and take your spot as the best Pepetrainer in the world!
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