๐ŸฅฉEarn PPDEX with PPBLZ

How to mint NFTs and Booster packs or play the game for free!? PPDEX is the answer

Pepemon DeFi

Earning is a key function in Pepemon world. We believe every player should benefit from the ecosystem. That's why 'owned by the players', right?

PPDEX holders mint more Pepemons NFTs, that we'll later help battle more & earn more in Pepemon Degen Battleground.

The other aspect of it is the fact that you are helping secure the ecosystem and receiving a variable APY on your PPBLZ deposit.

The numbers

Single Staking PPBLZ on Earn page of our dApp will grant you around ~13 PPDEX per 1 PPBLZ per year. While staking PPBLZ-ETH LP tokens will yield ~30 PPDEX per year per PPBLZ.

PPDEX is the currency used to purchase Pepemon NFT cards, Booster packs, Pepemon One Subscription and a future in-game currency for Pepemon: Battle Degen.

Farm PPDEX at normal rate with single asset staking

Once you have PPBLZ in your wallet, you may set the amount of PPBLZ youโ€™d like to stake to farm PPBLZ as a single asset, these can be removed from staking at any time.

Click the stake button labeled STAKE and accept all transaction fees and approval prompts.

Once the transaction finishes, youโ€™ll see the Amount staked section populated with your amount.

If you do not see a value in Amount staked, then you are not generating PPDEX. Always double-check this when staking new PPBLZ.

Under the GET PPDEX section of the staking screen, you may press the update button to show how much PPDEX you currently have generated.

You may also hit CLAIM below that at any point to withdraw your PPDEX so that it is usable elsewhere.

Farm PPDEX with 2X Boost on the Uniswap LP

You may also stake within our Liquidity Pool for 2x the rewards in PPDEX. This is done by supplying an equal value of ETH to your value in PPBLZ. This yields ~30 PPDEX per year per PPBLZ in Uniswap LP.

To enter into the Liquidity Pool, go to Uniswapโ€™s website

Select POOL at the top left.

Click Add Liquidity next, then click Select A Token.

Click Change at the bottom right to change the list of tokens, select CoinGecko.

Now type PPBLZ into the search at the top. PPBLZ icon will appear and the amount you hold in your wallet will show.

Select PPBLZ. Set the amount of PPBLZ you would like to add, and an equal amount of ETH will populate.

Click Supply, and accept all prompts and transaction fees.

Once the transaction finishes, you may head back over to the staking section of staking platform. Youโ€™ll notice you can now enter an amount into the 2x boosted section.

Stake your PPBLZ LP tokens and be proud of making Pepemon DeFi possible and earning double the amount of PPDEX rewards.

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