Exchange value in the Pepemon Economy.

PPBLZ is the main token of Pepemon. It is the most effective way to earn PPDEX necessary to purchase Pepemon NFT cards. As of writing, Uniswap is the primary way to purchase PPBLZ.

Pepemon Pepeballs (PPBLZ)

99.85% of the entire supply of PPBLZ were airdropped to the community.

About 80% of PPBLZ are currently staked.

Pepemon Pepedex (PPDEX)

PPDEX is the token used for purchasing card packs and card NFTs from our store.

PPDEX is farmed at a rate of about 19 PPDEX per 1 PPBLZ per year* (*based on Ethereum block time).

While farming is one of the coziest ways to earn PPDEX, you can also purchase PPDEX directly from Uniswap.

90% of all PPDEX spent in our store is burned, removing them from circulation. The other 10% fuels our dev team to continue to pay artists and developers to further provide you with more cards and features.

How to buy?

Purchase the tokens on one of the decentralized exchange or aggregator


Purchase PPBLZ here.

Purchase PPDEX here.




Sir I am in for the tech!

The geeky pieces are here. Check for yourself that contracts for both tokens.

PPBLZ Contract. PPDEX Contract.