How is value creaed in the Pepemon world.
โ€‹PPBLZ was airdropped 99.85%. Circulating supply 14.000/14.000. ~80% PPBLZ are in the staking contract generating each ~13PPDEX per year. PPDEX is used to buy NFTs. 90% spend on NFTs gets burned. 35% of PPDEX supply was burned already. More in-game use cases coming (booster packs, multiple play2earn mechanisms.

Pepemon Pepeballs (PPBLZ)

99.85% of the entire supply of PPBLZ were airdropped to the community.

About 80% of PPBLZ are currently staked.

Pepemon Pepedex (PPDEX)

PPDEX is the token used for purchasing card packs and card NFTs from our store.

PPDEX is farmed at a rate of about 13 PPDEX per 1 PPBLZ per year* (*based on Ethereum block time).

While farming is one of the coziest ways to earn PPDEX, you can also purchase PPDEX directly from Uniswap.

90% of all PPDEX spent in our store is burned, removing them from circulation. The other 10% fuels our dev team to continue to pay artists, marketers and developers to continue the vision of the community.