Play the Alpha version

Want to help test the first version of the game? Follow the steps below to start playing on testnet and win prizes on mainnet
So, you've been waiting for a while to battle with your Pepemon cards other degens on chain. Now it's the time to start testing the first version of the game and get an edge over other trainers by creating the most OP deck of cards out there.

Prepare for battle!

  1. 1.
    Start on your desktop for now (mobile support coming later)
  2. 2.
    While on Chrome or Firefox, make sure you have Metamask installed.
  3. 3.
    Head to Fantom Testnet Faucet and grab some testnet FTM for transaction costs. It's free and it will allow you to create battle card decks and battle others. Just input your Metamask wallet address and hit 'Request Testnet FTM' and you'll receive some in the next few seconds.

Create your battle decks

  1. 1.
    Start the alpha version at
Ready to start your Pepemon adventure? Click to Start anon!
  1. 2.
    Click to Start and Connect wallet.
You might have to add Fantom Testnet to the network list on your Metamask if you haven't had it already, just accept the network add dialogue in Metamask. We are using some fast RPC endpoints for this provided by ANKR so everything should be safe and speedy like a Dumpesaur charging his opponent!
Connect your wallet to start creating and battling others
  1. 3.
    When you connected your wallet successfully, then you can start creating your first Battle Deck by going for Manage Decks options from the menu.
If this is your first time playing from that wallet address the list will be empty, let's create your first Battle Deck
  1. 4.
    To create a new Battle Deck, click on Mint New Deck button from top right and accept the transaction from Metamask. This will mint an ERC721 token that is representing your Battle Deck.
  2. 5.
    If the Metamask transaction is successful you should now be seeing the new Battle Deck visible on the page. Let's hit Edit in order to add some monster and support cards to it.
Hit Edit button under the newly created Battle Deck to edit the cards inside.
  1. 6.
    When you enter Edit mode you should be able to see your Pepemon cards and Support cards present on the wallet connected. As this is your first deck you might not have any, don't worry by accessing the Mint cards button you will be able to get some test cards so you can create a couple of decks.
Click on Mint Cards to mint some test battle cards and be able to create your first deck of cards.
  1. 7.
    After confirming the transaction on Metamask you should be able to see in a couple of seconds new cards being present in this screen, these are your test Battle cards that you can use to create your first Battle deck.
Select your a Pepemon card and at least 6 support cards in order to be able to create your first battle deck!
  1. 8.
    Choose your Pepemon monster card and then add as many as 60 support cards on your Battle Deck.
  2. 9.
    Click Save and confirm all the transactions from Metamask. This is an important step, make sure there's no failed transactions and if you encounter any errors you need to hit Save again until the transactions are successful.
  3. 10.
    You can now head back from Edit mode of your Battle deck by pressing the < button
  4. 11.
    If everything went good you should be able to see now the updated information on your deck - with the name of the Pepemon and the support cards correctly displayed in this screen.
    Hint: create more Battle Decks to master different strategies; Are you on an offensive or defensive approach?

Start battling other Degens!

Now that you have your first Battle Deck is time to start battling others on blockchain!
Go back from Manage Decks page by pressing the < button and then hit Start game from the main menu!
Start your first Pepemon Degen Battleground round by choosing Start Game option
You will need to choose Rice league in the next screen; Don't worry no PPDEX is needed for the testing phase.
On the final version of the game, users will have to use PPDEX to attend a league. Based on the league they choose the prizes for winning battles against other trainers will also be different. For testing purposes please only choose Rice league, which is free.
Select your battle deck and then hit on Search for Opponent
You need to have at least one valid Battle Deck to search for an opponent and you need to confirm the transaction on Metamask to start battling other degens.
Confirm all the transactions from Metamask in order to deposit your Battle Deck into the matchmaking contract and wait patiently until we find an opponent for you.
The battle is resolved automagically in blockchain when 2 Battle Decks are deposited in the smart contracts and results are being displayed on the game screen.
You can always exit the matchmaking if you are done waiting, but you can always leave the tab open so when another degen comes to play the results of the battle will be shown on the screen.
That's it for now! If you have any feedback or questions for us, don't hesitate to join us on Discord