This guide is intended for users who are new to the Pepemon's Pepechain rollup and would like to understand its fundamentals. We will provide you with an easy-to-understand overview of the Pepechain

Pepechain L2 Testnet has concluded.

You can find more about our findings during this time by reading the article here.

Pepechain L2 Testnet is not online anymore.

What is Pepechain?

Pepechain is a state-of-the-art rollup chain developed by Pepemon DAO, designed to cater specifically to memecoin traders, gaming enthusiasts, and DeFi users. The rollup chain aims to provide low fees and robust security of the Ethereum chain by employing the latest OP-stack technology, Bedrock, similar to Optimism. Pepechain is a revolutionary solution that addresses the enduring issue of high gas fees on the Ethereum network.

Key Features

Pepechain Testnet

With the support of Paradigm-backed Conduit, the Pepechain Testnet is launched on the Ethereum Testnet Goerli. The mainnet release is scheduled for later this year.

More details about Pepechain Testnet to be released soon.

Degen Battleground

To celebrate the launch of Pepechain, the first public alpha version of Pepemon DAO's web3 game, Degen Battleground, is released.

This Pepe card game is tailor-made for Pepe and meme enthusiasts and offers a seamless gaming experience with rapid, low-cost transactions.

Grant Program

Pepemon DAO introduces a grant program for honest meme, gaming, and DeFi builders, enabling them to deploy their applications on Pepechain and benefit from its dedicated and loyal community.

Contact our team on Discord for more details.

Liquidity Incentive Program

To further support the growth of the Pepechain ecosystem, Pepemon DAO is launching a liquidity incentive program for all Pepechain liquidity providers. As a token of appreciation for their early support, participants in this program will be eligible for exclusive rewards such as OATs, NFTs, and token drops.

By contributing to the network's liquidity, these early supporters not only bolster the development of the Pepechain but also gain access to unique benefits, making it a win-win scenario for both the community and the project.

Pepechain Testnet Badge and Airdrop

Users can mint a Pepechain Testnet Badge on Galxe to receive an airdrop on the chain when it launches.

This exclusive badge showcases support for the project and guarantees early access to the Pepechain ecosystem.

Getting Started

To get started with Pepechain, follow these simple steps:

Mint the Pepechain Testnet Badge:

Visit Galxe and mint your Pepechain Testnet Badge. By doing so, you will be eligible for an airdrop when the Pepechain launches.

Connect your wallet:

Connect your Ethereum wallet (e.g., MetaMask) to the Pepechain Testnet. (Link to be provided)

Make sure your wallet is set to the Ethereum Testnet Goerli.

Explore the Degen Battleground:

Once connected, check out the Degen Battleground game and familiarize yourself with the gameplay mechanics. Remember that the game is designed for Pepe and meme enthusiasts.

Stay informed:

Keep an eye on the project's progress by following Pepemon DAO's official website and social media channels.

This will ensure that you're up to date with the latest developments and announcements.

Participate in the grant and liquidity program:

If you're a developer interested in deploying your meme, gaming, or DeFi application on Pepechain, apply for the grant program to get started.

Find our team on Discord for more information.


Pepechain is an innovative rollup chain solution designed to address the high gas fees on the Ethereum network. With its focus on memecoin traders, gaming enthusiasts, and DeFi users, Pepechain offers an accessible, efficient, and secure platform for transactions. By following this guide, you'll be well-equipped to explore the Pepechain ecosystem and make the most of its unique features.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to the Pepemon DAO community on Discord or Telegram. Happy exploring!

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