👾How do I get a Pepemon?

If you haven't deal with cryptocurrencies and Ethereum before this is a complete guide on how to purchase your first Ether and then convert that into PPBLZ/PPDEX and start claiming your fav Pepemons.

New to crypto? New to NFTs? New to Pepemon? Then this is the section for you! This section will cover, in detail, how to change your country's currency into crypto that you can use to farm them all!

  1. The first major step is purchasing crypto. Ethereum is the recommended coin to purchase, as it’s used for buying PPBLZ directly. Depending on your country, coinbase is a popular choice, though a quick google search will lead you to many methods to purchase. You can also try looking for a cryptocurrency exchange recommended in your location on the LocalBitcoins website. You’ll have to go through whatever verification process that specific site asks for. After the account creation, purchase as much Ethereum as you'd like for your future trades.

  2. The second step is creating a wallet in which to use as a platform for trading. A crypto wallet is your own, there is no bank, there is no company you can call to reset your password. YOU are your own bank. You must be responsible with your wallet and its SEED PHRASE it provides you on setup. If you lose this, you will lose access to your wallet and the funds in it if you need to recover it. It is recommended that you physically write down your seed phrase and store it in multiple secure locations.

    What wallet should you choose? As of late Metamask has been extremely useful in performing all sorts of transactions and exchanges. It has mobile access as well. We recommend getting the Metamask plugin for your chrome or firefox desktop browser. Head on over and create your wallet there, just google Metamask plugin and follow the instructions.

  3. Okay, you have your empty wallet, lets fill it with that Ethereum you just purchased. There will be a send or withdraw section within the company website you purchased Ethereum from. Opening the withdraw or send section will prompt you to enter an address to send the Ethereum to. Your new wallet has an address unique to it that we need to use. Click the Metamask fox icon at the top right of your browser (you need to pin the plugin if it's not already showing here). The Metamask window will appear showing some useful information. We’re after the “Account” section shown towards the top middle, right under Ethereum Mainnet. Under “Account” there is the address you need, it will start in 0x… If you click on this, it will copy the address to your clipboard, allowing you to paste it back into the sending address from before.

    IMPORTANT - Make very sure that the address appears as is, with no extra spaces or extra characters, as you can send your Ethereum off to someone else without a way of getting it back! If you want to make sure the address appears properly, click the three dots at the top right of Metamask’s window and select Account Details, this will show the full address.

  4. Now you’ve sent your Ethereum, over to your Metamask wallet! Things take time in the crypto world, be patient. Depending on how many transactions are flooding Ethereum, the transaction can take up to tens of minutes or longer.

    IMPORTANT – Make sure to keep a fair amount of Ethereum in your wallet to cover transaction fees for future purchases, and for staking later on. Without funds to cover transaction fees, you’ll be stuck unless you send more Ethereum to your wallet. We recommend keeping 0.1-0.2 ETH at all times to cover fees.

    It’s time to purchase PPBLZ or PPDEX with your new wallet! Head on over to Pepemon.finance and use the links at the bottom of this page that say BUY $PPBLZ or BUY $PPDEX. This will take you to Uniswap, a website used to trade your Ethereum into other coins, in this case, PPBLZ or PPDEX. Either enter the amount of PPBLZ or PPDEX you would like to purchase or enter the amount of ETH you would like to spend, and it will auto calculate the amount you will get in return. Click SWAP and accept any transaction fees to start the process. As stated before, transactions will have an estimated completion time based on current traffic. If you don’t mind higher fees, you may click edit on the gas fee prompt and select fast to more likely ensure transactions do not fail.

    You will get a notification stating the transaction was either successful or failed. If it has failed, this is likely due to the price of PPBLZ or PPDEX changing while you placed your order, requiring you to replace your order at the new current price. You are now proud owners of PPBLZ or PPDEX!

  5. You may now start staking your PPBLZ (if purchased) to start generating PPDEX to purchase your cards! Please read the Staking and Claiming NFT sections for information on how to perform these actions.

  6. Farm 'em all!

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