📲Pepemon One: NFT Subscription

Get one exclusive NFT every month as long as you stake your PPDEX-LP tokens

The Pepemon One NFT subscription is the best way to not miss out on any new exclusive collector's edition NFT and ensure yourself of a steady NFT drop every month.

These cards will only be available to Pepemon One subscribers and these cards will not be dropped in the NFT Store!

By providing liquidity to our PPDEX / Ethereum pair at Uniswap you are eligible to claim one unique Pepemon NFT each month for as long as your LP tokens are locked.

That's right, you only need to supply liquidity once, lock away your LP tokens by staking them on https://pepemon.finance/staking and for as long as you keep those LP tokens locked away, you can keep on claiming those Pepemon NFT’s every month.

Subscribing to the Pepemon One is easy, just follow below steps and you will be set for life!

Warning: Please familiarize yourself with providing liquidity, the provided liquidity could increase but also decrease in value!

First make sure you have a crypto wallet that has to option to use WalletConnect and open the following page: https://pepemon.finance/staking , we would advise Metamask.io.

When successfully connected the page should change and you should see the following screen:

Second we are going to need at least 100 Pepemon Pepedex, you can earn Pepedex by staking Pepemon Pepeballs or by buying them from one of the various exchanges. Since the Pepemon One subscription is currently on the Ethereum chain it is advisable to get your Pepedex at Uniswap.

Last but not least we will need just as much Ethereum equivalent to the value of 100 Pepedex at that time.

If you are sure you have everything ready please follow the link on the staking page

This will redirect you to Uniswap and you should see the following page:

If you did not do so already please connect your wallet to Uniswap.

The amount in ETH needed is easily calculated by Uniswap by entering 100 PPDEX in the bottom box.

If you have 100 Pepedex and enough Ethereum in your wallet the button at the bottom of the page should show the following.

The next screen should pop up:

In this example you can see that providing 10 Pepedex and Ethereum will give me 0.509143 LP tokens.

The amount of LP tokens needed for the Pepemon One subscription changes with the value of Ethereum and Pepedex, thus it is very important that you make sure that you have enough LP tokens when subscribing (Once subscribed you do not need to worry about this anymore).

The exact amount of LP tokens needed can be found at the Pepemon staking website.

To counter small price changes I would advise to provide 101 Pepedex instead of 100.

If you are sure that you will receive enough LP tokens required for the Pepemon One subscription hit that Confirm Supply

Your Pepedex and Ethereum will now be added to the liquidity pool and you will be provided with LP tokens, they will show up as UNI-V2 tokens in your wallet.

Now we head back to the staking website, if your LP tokens do not show up, please check if the ERC transaction was finalized and not still pending, and refresh the website.

Your PPDEX-ETH LP balance should show up on the page now. Firstly we need to approve the LP tokens to be spent by the Pepemon website.

Accept all prompts and wait till the transaction is finalized. The Approve LP button will change to Stake LP tokens once the transaction has been confirmed.

Press that button and approve the prompts, let the transaction run and you should be set to go!

Please note that your LP tokens will be locked for 30 days after depositing, after the 30 days you can cancel your subscription at any time and you will receive your LP tokens back.

Congratulations, you are now an active member of the Pepemon ecosystem and are set for life (or as long as you prefer).

As you can see the next card will be dropped on the 14th of April.

This card will be available for you to claim untill the next NFT is presented. There will be a new exclusive NFT available every month so make sure to check back regularly!

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