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Contracts, Analytics, Bridges

Sir if you are in for the tech, you're in the right place. Pepemon is not just another 'community' coin - it is truly degentralized; 100% airdropped and contract keys were burned.
Original contracts were deployed by the DAO on ETH network.
Original ENS of the dao has been since the genesis

Official contracts

PPBLZ Contract.
PPDEX Contract.

Dune Analytics

Get all the details about Pepemon economy with beautiful charts and instant updated information
Pepeboard by wiz1989

L1s, L2s availability

PPBLZ and PPDEX are available on other EVM blockchains.
Always check the validity of your PPBLZ or PPDEX against the contracts in this page. They were originally deployed on ETH. No other tokens will be accepted in Pepemon world, don't get scammed
Always better to join our Discord community and ask before doing something that you don't fully understand
PPDEX & PPBLZ are available on BSC, Fantom, Polygon.
BSC and Fantom are supported by Multichain, while Polygon through the native bridge.
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